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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trouble tickets

212-962-9837 missed commitment due 7 days ago!!
7184389877- missed commitment due 8 days ago!!
no ticket was opened, so one had to be opened.
7187889025- due monday
7186249786 - i think i am done for today,
although i am sure that there are more on the site that have no dial tone.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Not much to add for today, but here you go.
7184388885 (L) - 7184389049 (R) - 9 ave D in station inside turnstile
The number card on the phones are opposite what they should be
both phones "the # you dialed is NIS". 

7184389651 ft hamilton inside station behind turnstile
"the # you dialed is NIS"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2124759858 - J Z M F essex st inside turnstile
R1X then modem 

2126749247 - delancy F midplatform CI bound
R1X then modem 

2127124236 - delancy F

7182433959 - 2124244344 delancy F
can hear machinery running  behind door 

7184389193 inside turnstile F 18 ave
"the number that you are dialing is NIS"

7184389877 NDT 18 ave F inside turnstile
"the number that you are dialing is NIS" 

NDT 718435???? (number card illegible)  CI bound F 18 ave rear platform

NDT 2126744082 delancy F front platform CI bound
busy signal 

inside marcy J Z M smanhattan bound station to right of payphone.jpg

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7183849775 - J Z M marcy manhattan bound inside station.jpg

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"the number that you are dialing is NIS" 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Need to edit some of the responses to called numbers

I called most of these phones with Google Voice. Unfortunately Google Voice does NOT pass audio before supervision, so any calls where I indicated "might accept incoming calls - rings" may be deceptive, I just randomly dialed one of the phones listed as such, and I got the NIS recording, so I will have to redial all of those numbers to determine if any or all of them are forwarding to the NIS recording.

All done. Just one phone gave me "we can not complete your call at this time" with several attempts, but that recording was coming from my carrier, and not an error from the phone that I was calling, so I will have to try that one once again with a different line when I get a chance, other than that, all the older posts should be up to date as of today. Strange to see so many payphone's saying that they are out of service when you try to call them.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

7182329724 - 18ave inside turnstile D.jpg

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"the # you dialed is NIS"

718NDT 18ave outside turnstile D.jpg

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phone has no dial tone, and no telephone number sticker. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

These numbers have not been added to the DISCOVERED NUMBERS page yet. Nor have I tried calling any yet. When I get a chance I will update this information.

  9st rear platform D bay ridge bound - could not get number  train came

7182433100 - 7189277394 elect maintenance

7182433141 signal
out of focus because gates in the way, i was trying to figure out if i should
post this or not, but decided it's better to just include it.

7183849805 - G Broadway inside turnstile
R1X then modem 

7187888806 - D N R ci bound 36st mid platform
"the # you dialed is NIS"

7187888970 -9th street  R bay ridge bound front platform
"the # you dialed is NIS"

7187889025 NDT - R 9st mid platform bay ridge bound
R2X "the # you dialed is NIS"

same as first image in post
9st rear platform bayridge bound - could not get num train came

7182369750-18ave D manhattan bound mid platform.jpg

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The # you dialed is NIS

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here is a bonus one that was sitting in my phone, it is not the clearest, because the glare thru the windshield, and I do not have the number or location. But it shows someone actually using a payphone on a corner, somewhere in 718.

Friday, January 14, 2011

212-221-8839 times square 123 bk bound rear platform
ring 1x then modem
(i was actually able to hear people at the train station for the 1/2 second before the modem started sending tones)

212-221-8845 times square 1 2 3 bk bound rear platform
straight to modem 

212-226-9702 canal 6 rear platform uptown bound TTY sign no TTY box
rings may accept incoming? 
about 5 rings then modem 

212-599-9379-grand central outside turnstyle 4 5 6 7 S 42st park av
ring 1x then modem 

2125999379-grand central outside turnstyle 4 5 6 7 S 42st park av
Same phone as above, close up of keyguard
I assume to prevent someone from viewing the keys that you enter?

From  left to right:
2128408748 NDT - ROH rings busy straight to modem
2128408749 - rings may accept incoming?   R1X then modem
2127040234 - straight to modem
times square outside turnstile 42 and 7ave 1 2 3 N Q R S A C E 7
Woman walking into frame actually checked the coin slots of these phones for change.

7183840511-someone was on line when picked up reciever J Z M marcy mid platform manhattan bound
ring 1x then to modem
not sure how someone was on line and said "hello" when I picked this phone up to dial an ANAC number?

8888174039 construction shed broadway lafyette F M D bk bound

COCOT outside my office, find it and you can stalk me when I stop by the office.

empty pedestal atlantic av bk bound 23 rear platform

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have tried to use the email publishing feature of blogger to add content to this site, but most of the emails do not end up with the content being posted on the site, so unfortunately i can not add content to this blog in real time... but will continue to make updates whenever I get new content. Submissions are also welcome by emailing trainphones@nyphonejacks.com

[EDIT] I messed up on some of the captions (in this post only, other posts are OK) and will fix them when I have a chance. In the mean time, if you want to know a number, or location check the image name. A full list of discovered numbers (including the ones that I messed up the captions) is in a link on the right side bar.

212-424-4497 + 212-424-4023

212-777-9187 black - 212-674-8521 yellow-Delancy st mid platform uptown F
both straight to modem

212-962-8871- J Z downtown bound mid platform chambers st
might accept incoming calls? rings  
"the number you are calling is NIS"

212-962-8871 - J Z downtown bound mid platform chambers st (same as above close up of small buttons)

212-962-9837 - NDT chamber st 4 5 6 J Z inside turnstile terminal above
ROH - rings busy

718-584-1082 - manhattan bound J Z M inside midplatform TTY phone
might accept incoming calls? rings 
"we are unable to complete your call at this time" (boost CDMA/sprint)

718-622-2473 - 4 5 bk bound mid plat atlantic ave
modem answers immediately 

718-622-2473 - 4 5 bk bound mid platform atlantic ave
7186360889 pacific D N R front platform bk bound
straight to modem 

718-636-4731 pacific D N R first front platform bk bound
modem answers immediately 

718-636-4854 Inside turnstile atlantic by D N R staircase TTY
straight to modem 

718-636-4854 Inside turnstile atlantic by D N R staircase TTY
7187839689 atlantic/pacific tunnel between 2 3 and 45
straight to modem