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Friday, January 14, 2011

212-221-8839 times square 123 bk bound rear platform
ring 1x then modem
(i was actually able to hear people at the train station for the 1/2 second before the modem started sending tones)

212-221-8845 times square 1 2 3 bk bound rear platform
straight to modem 

212-226-9702 canal 6 rear platform uptown bound TTY sign no TTY box
rings may accept incoming? 
about 5 rings then modem 

212-599-9379-grand central outside turnstyle 4 5 6 7 S 42st park av
ring 1x then modem 

2125999379-grand central outside turnstyle 4 5 6 7 S 42st park av
Same phone as above, close up of keyguard
I assume to prevent someone from viewing the keys that you enter?

From  left to right:
2128408748 NDT - ROH rings busy straight to modem
2128408749 - rings may accept incoming?   R1X then modem
2127040234 - straight to modem
times square outside turnstile 42 and 7ave 1 2 3 N Q R S A C E 7
Woman walking into frame actually checked the coin slots of these phones for change.

7183840511-someone was on line when picked up reciever J Z M marcy mid platform manhattan bound
ring 1x then to modem
not sure how someone was on line and said "hello" when I picked this phone up to dial an ANAC number?

8888174039 construction shed broadway lafyette F M D bk bound

COCOT outside my office, find it and you can stalk me when I stop by the office.

empty pedestal atlantic av bk bound 23 rear platform

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