With the removal of most payphones from the NYC subway system, this project has been slow to update. So this site will remain as an archive, and will not be updated any further. In the future this project may be revived, but as of May 12, 2013 this project shall remain as an archive only.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I have tried to use the email publishing feature of blogger to add content to this site, but most of the emails do not end up with the content being posted on the site, so unfortunately i can not add content to this blog in real time... but will continue to make updates whenever I get new content. Submissions are also welcome by emailing trainphones@nyphonejacks.com

[EDIT] I messed up on some of the captions (in this post only, other posts are OK) and will fix them when I have a chance. In the mean time, if you want to know a number, or location check the image name. A full list of discovered numbers (including the ones that I messed up the captions) is in a link on the right side bar.

212-424-4497 + 212-424-4023

212-777-9187 black - 212-674-8521 yellow-Delancy st mid platform uptown F
both straight to modem

212-962-8871- J Z downtown bound mid platform chambers st
might accept incoming calls? rings  
"the number you are calling is NIS"

212-962-8871 - J Z downtown bound mid platform chambers st (same as above close up of small buttons)

212-962-9837 - NDT chamber st 4 5 6 J Z inside turnstile terminal above
ROH - rings busy

718-584-1082 - manhattan bound J Z M inside midplatform TTY phone
might accept incoming calls? rings 
"we are unable to complete your call at this time" (boost CDMA/sprint)

718-622-2473 - 4 5 bk bound mid plat atlantic ave
modem answers immediately 

718-622-2473 - 4 5 bk bound mid platform atlantic ave
7186360889 pacific D N R front platform bk bound
straight to modem 

718-636-4731 pacific D N R first front platform bk bound
modem answers immediately 

718-636-4854 Inside turnstile atlantic by D N R staircase TTY
straight to modem 

718-636-4854 Inside turnstile atlantic by D N R staircase TTY
7187839689 atlantic/pacific tunnel between 2 3 and 45
straight to modem

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