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Friday, January 21, 2011

Need to edit some of the responses to called numbers

I called most of these phones with Google Voice. Unfortunately Google Voice does NOT pass audio before supervision, so any calls where I indicated "might accept incoming calls - rings" may be deceptive, I just randomly dialed one of the phones listed as such, and I got the NIS recording, so I will have to redial all of those numbers to determine if any or all of them are forwarding to the NIS recording.

All done. Just one phone gave me "we can not complete your call at this time" with several attempts, but that recording was coming from my carrier, and not an error from the phone that I was calling, so I will have to try that one once again with a different line when I get a chance, other than that, all the older posts should be up to date as of today. Strange to see so many payphone's saying that they are out of service when you try to call them.

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