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Thursday, June 9, 2011

7184372299 @ 47th street and 13th ave Brooklyn NY

Someone stole the coinbox from this phone. The buttons are difficult to push, but the phone works.
The line card says to call 211 for repair/refunds, but when I dialed 211 it asked for a coin deposit - not like I would have lost my money, being the coin box is gone, but I did not have a quarter on me at the time, and felt that that should have been a free call. Too bad, I really would have let Met Tel know that this phone was vandalized.

Oh, also - rings 2x then goes to modem.

*Met Tel tells me that "I need to contact the customer who owns the payphone" meanwhile it says Met Tel on the line card. The lady who I just spoke with also seemed very rude, and said I could report it to the police department as well. I advised her that it is not my place to call the police department, that I was merely trying to be courteous and advise the owner of the phone of what I observed.

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