With the removal of most payphones from the NYC subway system, this project has been slow to update. So this site will remain as an archive, and will not be updated any further. In the future this project may be revived, but as of May 12, 2013 this project shall remain as an archive only.
The content on this site is original. You may use any of the information on this site for any non-commercial purposes as you wish. If adding any of the photos or payphone numbers to any directories, please credit the information to NYPHONEJACKS.

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Currently submissions go live automatically, do not send anything to this address that you do not want posted, it is automated.

Content that we are looking for is mostly just of payphones, or other phone related stuff within train stations, however, any content that you submit will be reviewed and may be posted on this site.

You shall retain all rights to content that you submit, and will be credited for your submissions.

If your content does not fit this blog, we may contact you for permission to post your submissions elsewhere.

Please include as much information as possible about your submissions:
  • images
  • location
  • phone numbers
  • if the numbers were obtained with ANI or from the number card on the phone
  • if you called the number what happens (RNA, BSY, modem answers, NIS, etc...)
  • The name you want to be credited as - and website link if you want - if you choose we will not publish your identity....
  • any other information that you might find useful or want published
All submissions should be reviewed and posted to the site within 24 hours or less in most circumstances. 
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