With the removal of most payphones from the NYC subway system, this project has been slow to update. So this site will remain as an archive, and will not be updated any further. In the future this project may be revived, but as of May 12, 2013 this project shall remain as an archive only.
The content on this site is original. You may use any of the information on this site for any non-commercial purposes as you wish. If adding any of the photos or payphone numbers to any directories, please credit the information to NYPHONEJACKS.

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What is this site about?

Why Train Phones?
What would possess someone to want to index and inventory payphones, and other telephone numbers located in the subway system?

Well This project started when my new employer failed to provide me with a vehicle, which was one of the terms of employment that we had agreed upon prior to hiring me. Since I was stuck traveling on the subway to and from the office I had some time on my hands. So I began taking photographs of payphones within the transit system, since it is one of the few places left where there is still an abundance of payphones. Payphones are rapidly being removed from existence, and eventually will likely go extinct, so I felt that I should index and inventory whatever payphones within the subway system that I came across, along with their telephone numbers and what happens when you called those phones.

Most of the payphone numbers listed on this website were obtained by dialing an ANAC number from the payphone, and for the most part most of the phone number cards on the phones were accurate and showed the number for  the phone. Sometimes the number on the phone itself was not legible, or was the wrong number. In one instance there were two payphones next to each other and the number cards on the phones were opposite what the ANAC number read back

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